Professional resources
Highly qualified native-speaker translators and interpreters with extensive experience and specialised in their specific area enable us to guarantee both professional accuracy and linguistic precision. A further professional requirement is to have the aim of having a linguistic and objective command of the latest developments and this is, for us, not noly indispensable but at the same time a motivation and special incentive.

Customer-oriented project management
Not too large for small projects � not too small for large projects

In close consultative contact with your self, we determine the actual requirements for your project and realise an individual solution.

Quality management
Our translations are realised in line with Quality Standards DIN 2345. An additional polished Quality Management is a guarantee for top quality and a uniformity of style and terminology as standard � and not only for projects destined for printing.

High level of economy
however, we do not economise on quality In Addition to our inexpensive prices, we offer you:

  • cost minimisation based on an analysis of actual requirements,
  • cost-reduction consultation and the
  • efficient use of the latest state of the art technology and tools.

Everyone knows that time is money. This is the reason for our

  • short delivery times
  • absolute adherence to delivery dates


No matter whether conference interpreting, simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting:

Competent, skilled in all languages and at your side.

In addition to translating, consecutive (oral) translation is the second indispensable pillar of communication in a world which is subject to ever-increasing networking. No matter whether you

  • wish to expand your business or business relationship on an international level,
  • participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences, training courses or press conferences, or wish to organise these yourself
  • or conduct business negotiations with foreign partners

Linguamon provides with the most suitable interpreter for any language combination you might need, even for visited abroad, the interpreters will also support you with a professional, confident and educated manner when you represent you company.

Intensive planning and preparation are not the only aspects that are decisive for consecutive translation, a professional implementation is just as important. We provide you with support and advice and where required, we can also supply the required simultaneous translation or translation management system together with any other necessary technical equipment.